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E-TWOW BOOSTER e-Scooter 500W

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Unleash the Power of the BOOSTER V 2020 Electric Scooter!

Power-Packed Performance: With a robust 500W motor and a high-capacity 36V - 10.5Ah lithium-ion battery, this scooter reaches speeds up to 35-40km/h (limited to 25km/h) and offers a range of 30-40km. Enjoy quick 3-4 hour charging for minimal downtime.

Built to Last: Sturdy aluminum chassis, solid wheels, and lightweight design (11.9kg) ensure durability and agility.

Safety and Convenience: Front and rear lights enhance visibility, while the user-friendly display adds functionality.

Exclusive Bonus: Get an E-TWOW helmet with the BOOSTER V 2020. Elevate your electric scooter experience today!


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Unlock the Ultimate Ride with the BOOSTER V 10.5 - 36V Electric Scooter!

Attention-Grabbing Power: The BOOSTER V is a force to be reckoned with, boasting a 36V - 10.5Ah lithium-ion battery that charges in a mere 3.5 hours. With a DC Brushless 500W motor, this scooter offers unparalleled performance, conquering steep slopes with ease.

Revolutionary Controller: Experience smooth and progressive acceleration, thanks to the newly designed controller. The updated central control unit ensures seamless throttle response and precise braking, enhancing safety and control. You'll reach a maximum speed of up to 40 km/h, all without jarring jerks.

Informative Display: The BOOSTER V comes equipped with a redesigned display, not only aesthetically pleasing but also more accurate in displaying battery levels. Easily adjust your cruising speed for a customized ride.

Enhanced Charging: Say goodbye to charging hassles with the improved charging port and charger. It's not only waterproof but also ensures easy and secure insertion, protecting the charging pins.

Sturdy Platform: The platform has been reinforced for two essential purposes: accommodating side reflectors for improved visibility and offering a larger battery compartment for easier removal.

Safety First: With 4 reflectors (2 on each side), the BOOSTER V enhances visibility, ensuring safety in traffic. Plus, the redesigned controller bracket allows for easy mounting and dismounting.

Top-Notch Features:

- Lightweight and Foldable: Weighing only 10.8kg, the BOOSTER V is the epitome of high-performance scooters, designed for on-the-go living.

- Durable Aluminum Chassis: Built to withstand the elements with anti-corrosion treatment.

- Regenerative Braking: Enjoy a regenerative braking system on the front wheel and a traditional emergency brake on the rear wheel.

- Intuitive Controls: Acceleration buttons on the right and brake control on the left ensure a user-friendly experience.

- KERS Technology: Benefit from the Kinetic Energy Recovery System, which converts braking energy into electricity, recharging the battery.

- Informative Display: Track your speed, distance, temperature, battery charge percentage, and control the headlight illumination.

- Cruise Control: Activate cruise control by maintaining a constant acceleration for 5 seconds (optional).

- Powerful Lighting: Illuminate your path with 6 powerful LEDs.

- Impressive Load Capacity: Carry up to 110 kg effortlessly.

The BOOSTER V 10.5 - 36V is not just a scooter; it's a game-changer. With its incredible power, lightweight design, and compact foldability, it's your ticket to effortless urban mobility. Say goodbye to traffic jams and parking hassles – embrace the future of commuting with the BOOSTER V today!"


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