ICe Fireproof Safety Bag

Your ultimate e-scooter essential -groundbreaking technology.

Introducing the ICe Fireproof Safety Bag.

Lithium batteries have been a game-changer in the tech and portable mobility scene.


Their incredible energy density, long-lasting performance, and lightning-fast recharging capabilities have set the stage for a new era of convenience.


Yet, beneath these advancements, a growing concern looms – the safety of lithium batteries, particularly in electric scooters, where occasional explosions have raised eyebrows.


Introducing a groundbreaking solution from the ICe e-mobility & sport team, ensuring you and your loved ones feel safer than ever! Discover the details below.

ICe Fireproof Safety Bag - Your Ultimate e-Scooter Essential.

ICe Electric Fireproof Scooter Safety Bag is your ultimate safeguarding solution; a must-have for any e-Scooter owner!

Equipped with a dual zipper-Velcro closure and fire-resistant layers, this bag offers unmatched protection for your valuable electric gear.


Trust the ICe Fireproof Safety Bag safeguard you from potential battery failures. Enjoy worry-free and stress-free storage wherever you are!


Explore more about its cutting-edge features and durability below!

Features and durability.


Unparalleled safeguard: zipper-velcro closure and fireproof layers ensure unmatched protection against any possible explosions and battery failure.


Fireproof, shock-absorbent ICe Fireproof and Safety Bag layers include a dual closure ensuring ultimate security against fire and impact.


Zipper-velcro combo, fire-resistant layers shield valuables effectively. Get your Fireproof Safety Bag now to enjoy a stress-free ride wherever you are.

$240.00 - Final price USA, delivery included.

$255.00 - Final price USA, delivery included.

$240.00 - Final price USA, delivery included.

ICe Fireproof Safety Bag - Your Safeguard Pro.

Unrivaled Protection: Equipped with fire-resistant layers and a dual zipper-Velcro closure ensures unparalleled safety for you and your loved ones. 

Advanced Security: The innovative design sets a new standard in your protection. With its meticulously engineered features, it stands as a guardian against risks and possible damages, enhancing the security.

Durability Redefined: Crafted with a focus on longevity, it is built to withstand the rigors of daily usage. Its robust design ensures that you can secure your e-Scooter for years to come.

Secure Your Life: Store Your e-Scooter with our Fireproof Safety Bag.

The ICe Electric Scooter Fireproof Safety Bag is an essential accessory for every electric scooter owner, offering protection for you and your beloved ones.


This innovative bag acts as a protective shield, guarding against potential battery failures.


In a world where battery failures can lead to explosions and accidents, choosing this safety bag becomes a parallel decision to protect yourself and your surroundings from possible damages.


By prioritizing safety with a Fireproof Safety Bag, you invest in both convenience and security, guaranteeing an enhanced riding experience while mitigating risks and potential harm.

Safety in Style: Your Scooter Protection On the Go.

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Prioritize safety with a fireproof safety bag and invest in convenience and security, guaranteeing an enhanced riding experience while mitigating risks and potential harm.


Whether you're commuting, storing, or traveling with your e-Scooter, the ICe Fireproof Safety Bag is a must.


Get yours now, secure your gear wherever you are to enjoy a peace of mind that comes with this top-notch security and craft.

$240.00 - Final price USA, delivery included.

$255.00 - Final price USA, delivery included.

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