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ICe Fireproof Blanket

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We introduce youi to the fireproof blanket ICe for lithium batteries and any other type of domestic fire

The ICe fireproof blanket designed to contain fire and explosions caused by malfunctions in lithium batteries. Similarly, the fire blanket allows other types of domestic fires to be contained.

Currently, the electrical world is the order of the day and we are constantly surrounded by it.

A wide variety of electrical products have lithium batteries where manufacturers implement multiple safety measures to minimize risks, although even so and due to a combination of different factors, the battery can overheat and explode.

ICe Fireproof

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Battery manufacturers use multiple safety systems to minimize the risks of battery overheating. Despite the different safety systems that are applied to batteries, at ICe we have designed fire blankets to contain fires and explosions that may occur.

The ICe fireproof blanket has the following characteristics:

- Measurements: To address all types of fires and explosions, the blanket has a large size of 180cm x 180cm.

- High-resistance fireproof materials: Made from high-quality materials and subjected to rigorous testing, fire blankets resist the spread of flames allowing the blanket to control and contain the fire. With fire-resistant fiberglass fabric, anti-impact foam and high-resistance fireproof fabric, you can keep the space around the blanket completely safe.

- Resistance to high temperatures: thanks to the materials used, the blanket is able to withstand the heat generated without compromising its main structure.

- Uses: in case of emergency, for a quick response, the blanket is deployed easily and quickly and then placed on top of the fire generated.

- Fire containment: its design favors the containment of fire and explosions, preventing the spread to other surfaces and helping to minimize damage.

The ICe fire blanket has been developed to preserve your safety and that of yours. That is why below we give you a series of recommended uses for your daily life:

- Protection at home against devices that use lithium batteries.

- Protection in workplaces and industrial spaces with possible exposure to fire.

- As a method of protection against explosions of electric vehicle and VMP batteries.

- Storage of electronic devices of, for example, large capacity.

With the fireproof blanket keep your space safe.

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