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ICe Bag S1 - Fireproof Safety Bag L

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Introducing the ICe BAG S1 – Your Electric Scooter Safety Fireproof Bag!

Lithium battery explosions are a growing concern, often linked to overheating. ICe BAG S1 is the best solution, expertly designed to prevent fire spread during battery explosions. 

ICe BAG S1 Specs:

- Base: 22cm x 112cm x 22cm

- Height: 48cm

- Top: 22cm x 112cm x 43cm

Our bags feature double closures for safety, fire-resistant fiberglass, anti-shock foam, and high-resistance fireproof fabric. 

Keep people and property safe during charging and transport. Choose the ICe BAG S1 for confidence and peace of mind! 

ICe Bag S1 -

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Calling all electric scooter riders!

Are you ready to embark on a journey where safety meets innovation? Introducing ICe BAG S1, your trusty companion in the world of electric scooters!

Lithium batteries have been a game-changer in the tech and portable mobility scene. Their incredible energy density, long-lasting performance, and lightning-fast recharging capabilities have set the stage for a new era of convenience. Yet, beneath these advancements, a growing concern looms – the safety of lithium batteries, particularly in electric scooters, where occasional explosions have raised eyebrows.

Say hello to the ICe BAG S1, meticulously crafted to be your fortress of security, ensuring your safety and shielding you from the fiery risks associated with lithium battery mishaps.

Dive into the realm of ICe BAG S1, where innovation meets safety head-on. Picture a bag with a double-locking system, a shield of fire-resistant fiberglass fabric, a cushioning layer of anti-shock foam, and an exterior of high-resistance fireproof fabric. This bag offers a level of protection that's nothing short of exceptional.

How does it work? Simplicity itself! Whether you're charging your scooter or transporting it, just tuck it inside ICe BAG S1. In the unlikely event of a battery explosion, this bag steps up to the plate, containing the fire and toxic gases, preventing them from wreaking havoc.

But there's more to it. ICe BAG S1 isn't just about personal safety; it's about community safety and environmental responsibility. Electric scooters are ubiquitous in homes, workplaces, and public transport, and ICe BAG S1 is here to safeguard them all.

ICe BAG S1 Specifications:

- Base: 22cm x 112cm x 22cm

- Height: 48cm

- Top: 22cm x 112cm x 43cm

In a nutshell, ICe BAG S1 is a revolution in electric scooter safety. Whether you use your scooter for work or leisure, with ICe BAG S1, you no longer need to compromise on safety. It's time to invest in confidence, protection, and peace of mind!

Don't delay—choose ICe BAG S1 and ride with absolute assurance. Your safety, our priority, everywhere from homes and workplaces to public transport. 


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